Contracts and Real Estate Office (CREO) Submitting a Request

The WSU Contracts and Real Estate Office (CREO) utilizes a central point of intake.  All contract and real property matters must be submitted to the CREO Intake at  We have an individual monitoring the CREO Intake inbox full time.  That person reviews each submittal on a first-come-first-served basis to verify that it contains all the information and required supporting documents. 

You can find guidance on the requirements for supporting documents under CREO Required Documents on our webpage. 

If the submittal is incomplete, the CREO Intake monitor will return it to the requestor with a request to complete the submittal and re-submit.  Note that CREO cannot commence work on a submittal until it is complete.

Once the submittal is complete, the CREO Intake monitor will put the project into our contract management system, assign the project to the appropriate person, and send the requestor a confirming email.  If the person to whom your contract has been assigned has questions or concerns, he or she will contact you directly.

Please plan for ample time to review and process your contracts and real property matters. CREO requests at least 30 days from the date of receipt of a complete submission for processing.